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Finding exercise routines for your level can be difficult, especially if you want to try something new. This cross-platform web app aims to help people get into an exercise of their choice by holding their hand a bit and providing routines, interactive examples, following trainers and friends with whom challenge and get fit together! Moreover, finding parks where to train is now easier from the Parks section of the app. FitMe is designed to encourage people who want to get into an easy routine for physical activities. This means fitting in as little as a 5-minute routine.


In progress – Est. 3 months


People who are new or returning to fitness, want to find activities they like, and get into a good routine to become healthy and enjoy the associated benefits: better mood, weight management, reduce risks of illness.


A responsive web app called FitMe as users can search parks to train, view routines, follow and see friends or expert people training, take advice and other useful information on any device. They can also keep a schedule by turning on notifications and giving access to the calendar.

In the photos, I’m brainstorming possible solutions and features for my fitness app.

After the brainstorming phase and taking up some notes, I’ll go on with user flows and sketches.




Dark Mode Icon Set

Definitive Icon Set (SVG)
standard icons for sign-in / up

Light Mode Icon Set

What I suppose will be.

Definitive Icon Set (SVG)
standard icons for sign-in / up

Brand Customizable Icons

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